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Sophia Yen, MD is the CEO and co-founder of Pandia Health-the first and only birth control delivery company founded and led.

This article was exclusively written for The European Sting by Ms. Sara Ayoub, a Lebanese 19 years old third year medical.

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Actor and comedian Bryan Callen has been accused of sexual assault and misconduct. In a new report from the Los Angeles Times, four women have come forward and claimed that Callen was sexually.

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What should I expect at a health care visit for a sexual problem? What should I. About 4 in 10 women have problems with sex at some point during their lives. If you are. Work on issues that may be affecting your relationship. Focus less on.

Unsafe abortion cases are rife among youth and adults in Zimbabwe owing to high medical costs, restrictive abortion laws and lack of or inadequate youth friendly clinics that offers sexual.

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Sex differences in what men and women find attractive in an opposite. adopted for selecting a partner able to maximize the health, strength and fitness of any potential offspring.

When sexual health issues are discussed, especially in a patient-centered style that demonstrates interest, empathy, and a nonjudgmental.

Most countries in the world are not publishing data disaggregated by sex, thereby putting a strain on efforts to improve.

Survivors of sexual assault face many barriers that make reporting abuse or speaking publicly about it much more difficult.

The International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health (ISSWSH) would. Other topics explored include stress, sex and reproductive hormones, sex.

How COVID-19 affects women's sexual and reproductive health. whether they will experience similar issues with future pregnancies.

But you won’t find their aesthetic range of vibrators in a squalid sex shop. Stockists for the brand include Asian health. Women and Singapore’s National University Hospital – delve into.

Most Chinese children still do not receive sexuality education that meets international standards, and the recent passage of a law requiring schools and kindergartens to conduct sex education is.