Favorite Ways to Eat Vegetables for Breakfast

Serve up vegetables for breakfast packed with nutrition with these kid-approved recipes! You’ll find smoothies, pancakes, muffins, waffles, egg muffins, and more that you can make-ahead and share with the kids.

Vegetables for Breakfast

It’s a great feeling to start the day with extra nutrients and to help the kids eat their fruits and veggies—but I know how hard that can be. And so often it feels like we need to do mealtime acrobatics to get the kids to even taste veggie…which is where these recipes come in. Each is super delicious, but also contains vegetables.

Some of the veggies are hidden and some are in plain site, because we want the kids to be able to eat veggies even when they know they are there. (And really, especially when they know they are there.)

In my experience, making sure that the foods we serve our kids tastes good and is easy to eat can go a long way towards lessening their anxiety to taste them.

Contents hide 1 Vegetables for Breakfast 2 Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here! 3 Best Breakfast Recipes for Kids with Vegetables 4 2-Ingredient Banana Pancakes with Spinach 5 Banana Spinach Pancakes 6 Banana Spinach Muffins 7 Sweet Potato Pancakes 8 Healthy Pumpkin Bars 9 Pumpkin Mini Muffins 10 Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins 11 Easy Pumpkin Oatmeal 12 Egg Muffins with Zucchini and Cheese 13 Egg and Cheese Mini Muffins with Veggies 14 Egg Bake with Broccoli 15 Zucchini Slice 16 Banana Zucchini Muffins with Blueberries 17 Chocolate Protein Muffins 18 Healthy Carrot Cake Muffins 19 Carrot Cake Oatmeal 20 Strawberry Smoothie with Cauliflower 21 Simple Green Smoothie 22 Toddler Smoothies with Veggies 23 Carrot Cake Pancakes 24 Oatmeal Bars with Carrots and Blueberries 25 Kids Breakfast Ideas 26 Best Tips for Success 27 Related Recipes 28 Favorite Ways to Eat Vegetables for Breakfast

Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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