men’s sexual health and aging

She could have had president obama nominate her successor. But she didn’t get to the Supreme Court by letting other people.

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Guitar legends make it look so easy but talent, skill, and perseverance are needed if you want to learn the guitar. When you first pick up a guitar you won’t even know how to hold the plectrum or how hard to press on the fretboard, but after a few lessons, you’ll understand enough to play some basic

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You’re probably personally familiar with the typical effects of sleep deprivation (if you’re not, give us your secrets). Most.

If you’re planning a Halloween party, you’ll want to entertain your guests with some appropriately themed games that are kid and adult-friendly. There are some traditional games like bobbing for apples and smashing a piata that can easily be themed for the event, as well as some classics like bowli

So this has been a strange time to be reading a book by a medical doctor which takes a critical view of the soap industry and begins with the sentence “Five years ago, I stopped showering.” Let me.

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To some celebrity couples, age is just a number. When it comes to love, it’s all about the connection first and foremost – and these sweet celebrity couples make that clear. We rounded up our favorite dynamic duos to prove love is real, no matter how old you are.One couple who truly understands what

men’s sexual health physician UAB Medicine combined many types of men's health care services to form the Men's. men's health conditions, including infertility, incontinence, sexual health. The clinic is staffed by an experienced team of physicians and surgeons from the.

Why, on a sunny Saturday last November, did President Donald Trump make an unplanned, unannounced visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, leaving the White House in such apparent haste that his button-down shirt was open and tieless? Because doctors wanted to be able to see his “gorgeo

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Innovation has been a hallmark of Jefferson’s Bourbon from its very beginning. When Trey Zoeller and his father founded the brand 23 years ago, they were focused on understanding how far they could push the boundaries of bourbon. Zoeller first experimented with blending finished bourbons he bought fro

It might not be a good time to be “The Awkward Black Man” in America. The title of Walter Mosley’s new collection of 17 short.