Master List of Beach Snacks

Help the family stay fueled at the beach or pool with these easy-to-pack (and safe-to-store) beach snacks. We’ll include options that help keep you hydrated, hold up well in transit, and help everyone enjoy a fun day!

Beach Snacks

When we head out to hit the beach, we always go armed with snacks to help us enjoy a full day there—without the need to leave to find food. And the kids are always running, swimming, and playing, which means they build up a big appetite…and I do, too.

So, we need a lot of kids snacks! This post includes a range of beach snacks, from ones that hold up well in a bag and in the heat to ones that will help everyone stay cool and hydrated. Ones that are easy to eat even if the kids happen to be covered in sand. These ideas also work well for general summer snacking, whether at home, at a lake, at the pool, or a day out of the house.

Use this collection of healthy beach snacks to plan what to pack for your next day trip or vacation.

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Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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