How to Cut Kiwi

Learn how to cut kiwi for babies, toddlers, and adults so it’s easy for you to do—and easy for everyone to pick up and eat!

How to Cut Kiwi

My kids are kiwi superfans, so we have it in our fridge most weeks. It can be a little slippery, though, so I’ll share a few different ways to cut it for babies to big kids.

We love kiwi for its slightly tart flavor and as a vitamin C-rich fruit to enjoy all year long. It’s great for hydration, as a snack, in fruit salad, or as an easy meal component. You can also use it to make Kiwi Puree.

How to Choose a Kiwi at the Store

When shopping for kiwi, look for ones that have just a little bit of give when you touch them. You don’t want them to be rock hard, as that is a sign that they aren’t ripe and they will likely be unpleasant to eat. For this reason, I recommend choosing each one individually, rather than buying them in a prepackaged plastic container.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here’s a look at how to cut kiwi. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for the full info.

  1. Trim off the ends of the kiwifruit using a paring knife.
  2. Cut off the rest of the peel (or fuzzy skin) around the sides.
  3. Slice the remaining peeled kiwi into wedges.
  4. Or cut into bite-size pieces or cubes.

TIP: Kids can eat kiwi with a fork or their fingers, according to what they prefer. The black seeds inside are totally edible.

Kiwi cut BLW style.

How to Cut Kiwi for Baby-Led Weaning

Kiwi can be a great food for the baby-led weaning style of baby food. Since it is slippery when peeled, I recommend washing, then cutting into long pieces with the skin still on. This allows baby to hold the fruit without continually dropping it so they can enjoy the fruit. (They will be able to sort of suck the green flesh of the fruit fruit off of the kiwi skin so do make sure it’s very ripe and soft.)

Halved kiwi with a spoon for eating.

Can I cut up kiwi ahead of time?

Kiwi doesn’t hold up well when cut up too far ahead of time, as it breaks down, gets soft, and turns a darker color. I wouldn’t cut it more than 2-3 hours before you plan to serve it, if possible. Store in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

(Older babies eating kiwi as a finger food and 1-year-olds may not notice this, and the softness can be helpful for them, but older kids who are used to eating kiwi fresh may not love it after it sits in the fridge.)

How is golden kiwi different than green kiwi?

Ooh golden kiwi is so yummy! It’s usually less acidic and tart and mellower and sweeter in flavor. It’s a light yellow and a very pretty color. We’ve even seen some golden kiwi with bright red centers that are stunning and fun! It’s sometimes called “Sungold” and has a smidge more vitamin C.

Best Tips for Cutting Kiwi for Kids

  • Look for a kiwi that feels soft when you gently squeeze it. If it’s rock hard, it’s not ripe and will very likely be too tart and hard to chew. If it’s too soft, it may fall apart.
  • Golden kiwi is usually a little less tart, so that’s a great option if you see it!
  • Cut kiwi is best served immediately. It softens a lot if cut up and stored in the fridge. (Younger kids may not mind that, but older kids probably will notice.)
  • To serve kiwi for BLW, leave the skin on so it’s less slippery and slice into long quarters.
  • To serve kiwi as a finger food for babies 9+ months, dice into small pieces.
  • To serve kiwi with a spoon for kids over 2.5 or 3, cut in half and show the kids how to scoop out the fruit.
  • If you have leftovers, I like to freeze them in a freezer bag to add to a future smoothie. Or you can use it in Fruit Salsa with pineapple, mango, and other favorite diced fruit.

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