Healthy Apple Cake with Yogurt Frosting

First birthdays are so fun and bittersweet to celebrate, and this Healthy Apple Cake is one of my very favorite birthday cakes for kids. It’s SO easy to make, can be made ahead, and has a tangy yogurt frosting. Plus, it’s great for other celebrations, too!

Healthy Apple Cake

When it came time to make a birthday cake for my third kiddo, I wanted something easy so I could enjoy the day with him and also yummy of course. This Healthy Apple Cake fits both of those goals—you can make the cake the day before if you want and it simply stirs together in a bowl.

It’s sweetened with maple syrup and applesauce, so it’s less sweet than traditional cakes but still super moist and flavorful. It also has fresh apple for extra flavor and a delicious cream cheese frosting.

You can make it a full day ahead of time and it’s delicious to serve to a crowd of all ages or to use as a smash cake for baby.

Contents hide 1 Healthy Apple Cake 2 Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here! 3 Healthy Smash Cake 4 Ingredients You Need 5 How to Prepare Cake Pans for Baking 6 Step-by-Step Instructions 7 Easy Greek Yogurt Frosting 8 How to Store 9 Best Tips for Success 10 Related Recipes 11 Healthy Apple Cake (with Yogurt Frosting) 11.1 Apple Cake 11.2 Maple Yogurt Frosting 11.3 To make the cake: 11.4 To make the frosting: 11.5 To assemble the cake:

Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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