Greek Yogurt Pizza Dough

Amazingly tender and fast, this Greek Yogurt Pizza Dough is the easiest pizza dough ever. There’s no yeast, so it doesn’t need time to rise, and yet it bakes up perfectly. Use for personal pizzas, a big pizza to share, or pizza rolls.

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Greek Yogurt Pizza Dough

We are always looking for easy pizza recipes, and this dough recipe is officially our new favorite. It’s made with a base of Greek yogurt for moisture and protein and comes together so darn fast. You don’t have to wait for it to rise since there’s no yeast, which means you can make the meal in just about 20 minutes. And it bakes up super tender, with slightly crisp edges.

It works great for personal pizzas, a big pizza to share, and pizza rolls.

I also love this as a seriously easy way to offer a protein- and calcium-rich meal to the whole family. I love using Stonyfield plain Greek yogurt here since it’s mild in flavor and has the perfect consistency. Plus, Stonyfield yogurt is made with high-quality organic ingredients, without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides. We started using it when our kids were babies and it’s still a regular on our grocery list each week.

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Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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