Easy First Birthday Party Ideas

When it’s time to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, there are so many fun ways to celebrate that don’t cost a fortune. Here are my favorite first birthday party ideas to share the love and celebrate the milestone.

First Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrating a first birthday is such an important milestone for both the baby and the parents. What a year! When we celebrated my son’s first birthday, we kept things simple because it seemed like a good way for me to avoid becoming overwhelmed when I was already dealing with a lot of last first baby feelings! But whether you’re having a small bash, lots of guests, or something in between, there are easy ways to keep it fun and low stress.

These ideas will help you have fun on the day of baby’s first birthday party—with easy decorations, birthday party themes, desserts including cakes and cookies—and more ways to enjoy the celebration without too much work, stress, or planning.

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Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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