Favorite Spinach Eggs

With a heaping pile of spinach and a super simple method, you can make these bright green Spinach Eggs in less than 10 minutes to share with the kids. They’re packed with protein and a great source of iron. And they are just so yummy!

Spinach Eggs

Last year, we randomly made these spinach eggs and I was truly shocked that my kids were so obsessed with them. The girls helped me make them, which always makes them more interested in at least considering new foods, and they loved them. And even my little guy (who was napping while we cooked) asked for seconds.

We’ve been making these regularly since then, and they are a favorite way to serve veggies for breakfast—or an easy dinner—and incorporate iron into our morning meal. They’re great as a soft finger food for babies, a 1-year-old meal, or a meal to share with any older age.

This works if you want to make green eggs and ham or as a fun way to play with color in the food you offer kids.

Scrambled Eggs with Spinach

I prefer to make this recipe in a blender so the spinach is well-blended into the eggs, but you can simply scramble the spinach with the eggs in a pan if you want to skip the blender. There is more texture when you skip the blender, so the kids may or may not prefer that option.

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Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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