Easy Vanilla Cake (Vegan)

With simple pantry staples, a no-fuss method, and the most tender texture, this just-sweet-enough cake is simply delicious. It’s perfect for egg-free and dairy-free baking, and for anyone just looking for a reliable, delicious Vanilla Cake.

Easy Vanilla Cake

I have long wanted to make an easy Vanilla Cake in the style of my Easy Chocolate Cake—where you don’t need a mixer or to cream butter, you simply stir together the most basic of ingredients into a tender, fluffy cake. Ta-da! It’s finally here!

The beauty of this cake is that it works for anyone who needs to bake without eggs or dairy, and it’s also just a reliable, easy cake. I love that this is made with pantry staples that I usually have on hand, tastes just like the real deal, and doesn’t need a stand mixer or hand mixer. Just use a large mixing bowl and a whisk!

We love this vegan cake with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting (with vegan alternatives, as needed), but you can use any frosting you prefer. It’s perfect for a Smash Cake, as a birthday cake, for Easter, Valentine’s Day, or really any special day.

This cake can even be made ahead of time and stuck into the fridge of freezer. It’s so versatile.

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Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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