Easy Turkey Wrap Recipe

Roll up a few simple ingredients to make this delicious Turkey Wrap recipe in minutes. It’s a great lunch wrap for home or school, and you can easily adjust the ingredients to suit the preferences of your child. Win!

Turkey Wrap Recipe

There was a day recently when my daughter wanted a turkey sandwich for lunch, but we were out of bread and had only tortillas. We made a simple wrap instead, and I was so happy (and admittedly surprised) to see how much she enjoyed it.

The idea is so simple, but we have found a few tips that make it tastier, have a better texture, and hold together well enough for little kids to pick up.

You can serve this wrap cut in half or cut into spirals, depending on what you think your kids might like. And this totally works as an adult meal, too, so be sure to make one for yourself!

Ingredients You Need

Here’s what you need to make this lunch wrap:

  • Whole wheat flour tortilla: I use fajita-size, which is a nice middle size for a wrap.
  • Turkey: I use turkey deli meat and try to get low sodium if possible.
  • Cheese: Sliced cheese is optional, but it adds nice flavor. Any variety you like will work. We usually do cheddar or Colby Jack.
  • Shredded lettuce: Thinly sliced lettuce adds a slight crunch and is easy for kids to bite into. You could also use coleslaw mix (or just shredded cabbage), thinly sliced bell peppers, thinly sliced cucumbers, or cut-up baby spinach.
  • Condiments: We like our turkey wraps with mayo, but you can use any spread you prefer including mustard, hummus, guacamole, or cream cheese. You could even do butter for kids who aren’t into the other options.

TIP: Don’t skip the condiments, as that’s what helps the wrap hold together when it’s rolled.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here’s a look at the process of this recipe so you know what to expect. Scroll down to the end of this post for the full information.

  1. Lay the tortilla out on a clean cutting board. If it’s not at room temperature, warm it on a plate in the microwave for 10 seconds.
  2. Spread on your condiments, covering out to about ¼ inch away from the edge of the tortilla.
  3. Add the cheese and turkey in an even layer down one side of the tortilla. (I start with it to the side to help it stay inside of the tortilla as you roll it up.) Top with the shredded veggies.
  4. Starting at one side, tightly roll up. Cut in half or into spirals with a serrated knife.

TIP: You can serve this with a dipping sauce if you want. Dips like ranch, hummus, or guacamole would be great.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a turkey wrap made of?

This turkey wrap recipe is made with a whole wheat tortilla, a condiment of choice, turkey, cheese, and shredded veggies.

How do you make a wrap that doesn’t fall apart?

The condiments—mayo, mustard, hummus, or another spread—help this turkey wrap to hold together when you roll it up. A soft, room temperature tortilla can help, too, since they are more pliable than cold tortillas.

Can you freeze turkey wraps?

Yes, simply wrap tightly in plastic wrap and place into a freezer bag. Remove as much air as possible and freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw overnight in the fridge.

How can I make a wrap easy for my toddler to eat?

A wrap has a lot of complex textures for a little kid to bite through, so they may not be up for it until they’re well over two. For younger kids, you can offer it to them and they may take it apart and eat the components separately. You can also serve the components deconstructed to start with.

How to Store

Store in a lunch box in the fridge up to 24 hours. Or, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and place into a storage container and store in the fridge for up to 3 days. You can also place the wrapped turkey wraps into a freezer bag. Remove as much air as possible and freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw overnight in the fridge.

Best Tips for Success

  • Start with room-temperature tortillas. Warm them up if they are cold so they are easier to roll.
  • Flour tortillas are easier to roll than corn. Or you can use another thin flatbread if you prefer.
  • Use any condiment your kids enjoy here, including mayo, mustard, hummus, cream cheese, butter, or another favorite.
  • Cut in half or into spirals to serve.
  • Add a simple side of fruit to round this out.

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