Easy Strawberry Banana Bread

Bursting with fresh berries, this Strawberry Banana Bread is so easy to make for breakfasts and snacks. It stores well in the fridge for days, has a simple ingredient list, and is super moist. So good!

Strawberry Banana Bread

I love to have a homemade baked good on hand most weeks for easy breakfast, snacks, and picnics and this Strawberry Banana Bread has been a recent favorite. My one year old loves it! It’s easy to stir together, has so much fresh fruit flavor, and is super moist.

Because when you combine a base of classic banana bread with the freshness and flavor of strawberries, it’s truly a wonderful thing. Plus, this bread is easy to stir together, bake, and then serve throughout the week.

We love this sliced as part of breakfast or snack, and we sometimes even pack it in lunch boxes. It’s one of our all-time favorite Banana Bread recipes.

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Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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