Easy Egg Bake (with Broccoli)

Transform just a few simple ingredients—including a pile of broccoli—into this protein-packed Egg Bake to share with the kids. It’s an easy breakfast or lunch that stores well and is simple to make ahead.

Egg Bake

After posting my Zucchini Slice recipe and having such an amazing response to it, I knew right away I wanted to do a broccoli version. I love the idea of baking a frittata and cutting it into slices to have on hand for easy meals throughout the week, especially with the option of tucking a nice dose of veggies into the mix.

This egg recipe can be made whenever you have time and warmed up briefly to serve. You may also enjoy it at room temperature. It’s delish dipped into sour cream, guacamole, salsa, pizza sauce, or even ketchup. It’s a favorite way to serve eggs to kids (and adults).

This post is sponsored by Lalo.

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Meet Lalo

We’re sharing this recipe in partnership with Lalo, one of my favorite companies for kids gear. They make an amazing First Bites Set, which has everything you need to start serving meals to baby; a Big Bites set that works so well for older kids; a beautiful and functional high chair (that doubles as a booster seat when the time comes), a toddler table set called the Play Table, and so much more.

Shown throughout this post are the components of the First Bites Set, including the silicone suction plate, versatile cup (which can be an open cup, a sippy cup, or a straw cup) and the spoon. I also have some peeks at the high chair in black.

I love how thoughtfully each of their products was designed and how lovely their color options are. (We also have their Play Table in white and it fits in perfectly with our neutral decor.)

Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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