Easy Cheese Waffles

Mix up your waffle game with Cheese Waffles. With options to add spices and suggestions for easy dipping sauces, this is a fun dinner, lunch…or yes, even breakfast option to share with the kids!

Cheese Waffles

We’ve been on a savory waffles kick and have been enjoying them for lunch and easy family dinners. My husband and I like them with fried eggs on top and the kids like to dip them into pizza sauce.

I love this since they come together really quickly and they turn basic pantry staples into a meal that everyone in the family enjoys.

You can add broccoli or ham to make them more flavorful. You can also add spices and serve with a variety of dips. It’s really up to you how simple or complex you make them!

Contents hide 1 Cheese Waffles 2 Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here! 3 Ingredients You Need 4 Ingredient Substitutions 5 Step-by-Step Instructions 6 Frequently Asked Questions 7 What’s the best basic waffle iron? 8 How to Store 9 Best Tips for Success 10 Related Recipes 11 Easy Cheese Waffles 11.1 Base Waffles 11.2 Optional Flavor Additions (choose 1, optional)

Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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