Easiest Broccoli Pesto

Serve up a dose of nutritious broccoli with this easy Broccoli Pesto. It has a bright flavor from the inclusion of fresh lemon, requires no cooking (other than preparing the pasta) and is a perfect sauce for both pasta and pizza.

Broccoli Pesto

Most kids, mine included, love pasta and pizza so I love to find small ways to make them with flavorful sauces that have veggies in the mix. This broccoli pesto, which has two cups of fresh broccoli plus a cup of vitamin-rich parsley, is our current new favorite sauce. Along with Roasted Frozen Broccoli, it’s one of the broccoli recipes we make most often.

It’s easy to mix together and doesn’t require any cooking. Plus, it’s flavorful, yet not overpowering, to please the kids and the parents at the table.

The process for making this easy pesto recipe simply involves putting the ingredients into a food processor and processing them into a paste. That’s it! (Don’t have a food processor? You can use a blender instead.)

This sauce works well to make ahead and store in the fridge or freezer.

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Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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