Best Toddler and Baby Puffs

Learn which baby puffs are best for your baby and toddler, when you can introduce them, what to look for at the store, and how to buy puffs for babies with the most nutrition possible.

Baby Puffs

Puffs, and the pixie dust-like debris that they leave behind, seem to be a rite of passage for babies and toddlers of this generation. They are easy for little fingers to pick up once the pincer grasp is mastered, come in vibrant colors and fun shapes, and are a super easy snack to take on the go. Plus, they dissolve easily in baby’s mouth, making them a good early finger food with a low risk for choking.

There are some factors to consider when choosing them, though, specifically the main ingredient with which they are made. Many of these classic baby puffs are made with rice, and some government testing has shown concerning levels of arsenic and other heavy metals. Read more about the specifics of this issue, with a helpful breakdown of the science and context for the data about in this Parent Data newsletter from Emily Oster.

The easiest way to ensure safety when feeding babies puffs (or any baby food) in regards to the heavy metals issue is to vary the grains and foods you offer over the course of a week. Try to avoid serving the same foods, or the same brands of foods, every single day.

To help you sort through the options on the market for baby puffs, know more about the ingredients, learn how they can be useful as a baby snack, and more, read on below.

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Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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