Best Kids Thermos

Having the option to pack warm lunches for your child when they’re at day care, preschool, school, or out on the town can go a long way toward making the whole process a little easier. Here are the best kids thermos options—chosen for durability, affordability, and ease of use.

Kids Thermos

I love having a thermos to send packed lunches to school and day care because it gives so many more options when I have hot foods in the mix. And it makes it easy to pack leftovers, too!

To help your family, I’m sharing the best thermos options for kids based on my real-life testing and market research. I’ve used these through three kids at varying ages over the course of six years and hope it helps you choose one that will work for family for years to come.

These are great for sending leftovers, easy hot lunches, breakfast for lunch, and more.

Best Kids Lunch Thermos

Here are our top 4 thermos options for kids. Each is easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, durable, equipped with a lid that securely holds in liquids, and good at keeping food warm and cold. They’re each also easy to clean and super durable.

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Sanity-Saving Kids’ Lunch Guide

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