Best Banana Milk

Blend up the most delicious homemade Banana Milk with super simple ingredients and low added sugar. So good and nutritious!

Banana Milk

As a fun and easy way to change up regular milk, I sometimes make yummy Banana Milk for the kids. It’s so easy, has potassium and fiber, and tastes so good—even with just a small amount of sweetener. It’s a healthy toddler drink that you can make at home to serve with breakfast, as a stand alone snack, or as a simple bedtime snack.

This version is made with fresh banana, rather than artificial flavors like you might see in some store bought banana milks. Which means that it really just tastes like a creamy very ripe banana drink.

Learn more about toddlers and milk in that post for more comprehensive information about milk needs. It will answer any questions you may have about how much milk kids need each day—and what to keep an eye on if you have a kiddo who’s not into milk.

And you can find all of my Flavored Milks for more fun options.

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Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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