Favorite Baby-Led Weaning Recipes

Find the easiest baby-led weaning recipes for babies 6 months and up, with nutritious options from each food group. I share serving suggestions, storage tips, and more to help make this phase of baby food easier and more enjoyable for your family!

Baby-Led Weaning Recipes

Starting solids with baby is a fun milestone but it comes with a large side of, “wait, now what?” To help, I’ve put together all of my favorite baby-led weaning recipes in this one post so you can easily find ones to make for your little one.

You can find the best first foods and a primer on how to start Baby-Led Weaning (also known as BLW). For breakfast-specific options, head to this Baby-Led Weaning Breakfasts post. We typically start solids around 6 months, or when baby is able to sit up mostly unsupported and has good head control.

You can try any of these foods after that point using the baby-led weaning style of feeding, where you offer baby finger foods right from the start. The key? The foods should be easy to hold, so they are usually cut into sticks about the size of one or two fingers to make them easy for a baby’s hand to grasp. The food should be soft enough to squish between your fingers to ensure baby can safely gum it (other than pieces of meat and toast that baby can gum). And all food should be served to a baby sitting upright in a high chair.

This guide to starting solids has more information, too. (Want to incorporate purees? This No-Cook Baby Food post has you covered.)

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Your toddler won’t eat? Help is here!

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