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Cleavage is the narrow depression or hollow between human breasts.The top portion of cleavage may be accentuated by clothing such as a low-cut neckline that exposes the division. Joseph Breen, head of the U.S. film industry’s Production Code Administration, coined the term in its current meaning when evaluating the 1943 film The Outlaw, starring Jane Russell.

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And I don’t think that goes to the appearance of an actor or your personal preference for what an actor does or doesn’t look like, which it felt that that article did.’ The Education star.

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In search for COVID face masks, PPE and supplies, the government turned to rookie middlemen. Lawsuits, canceled orders and.

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Biden is the kind of flexible, independent-minded Catholic whom many bishops have spent their careers taking to task-and many.

Schachter & Singer (1962) The two-factor theory of emotion, or Schachter-Singer theory, states that emotion is a function of both cognitive factors and physiological arousal. According to the theory, “people search the immediate environment for emotionally relevant cues to label and interpret unexplained physiological arousal.” Schachter and Singer study Stanley Schachter and Jerome Singer

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